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The Husqvarna Group is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, cultivators, and garden tractors. Fueled by our passion for innovation since 1689, Husqvarna provides professional forest, park and garden products. Performance and usability meet safety and environmental care in our leading-edge innovations, where battery solutions and robotics lead the way.

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Husqvarna Automower® 305

Husqvarna Automower® 305 features a compact design and is ideal for smaller, complex gardens up to 600 m2, easily handling slopes with an incline of 40%. The four-wheel platform together with systematic passage handling provide effective operation, and the triple-search function facilitates the fastest way home to the charging station. Equipped with weather timer, frost guard and Automower® Connect@Home. Easily cleaned and washed off with a hose.

Features include:

  • Automower® Connect app
  • Systematic Passage Mowing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Frost guard
  • Weather timer
  • Automatic passage handling – PATENTED
  • Remote start points x3
  • Spiral cutting
  • Spot cutting
  • Profiles
  • Secondary Area

Husqvarna Automower® 320 NERA

A high-performance model for lawns up to 2200m², Automower® 320 NERA offers a premium cutting experience, robust design and reliable operation. Its patented non-fixed front axis increases manoeuvrability and improves rough terrain performance on slopes up to 50%. Precision mowing is available through wire-free installation with the Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in Kit and Automower® Connect access from your smartphone. Optimised performance with automatic software updates with FOTA (Firmware Over The Air).

Features include:

  • Wire free installation available
  • Automower® Zone Control
  • Automower® Connect app
  • Husqvarna EPOS Technology
  • GPS-assisted navigation – PATENTED
  • Smart Home integration
  • Smart Connections with IFTTT
  • Automower® Access
  • Automower® Accessory Port
  • Husqvarna EPOS™ Guidance
  • FOTA – Firmware-Over-The-Air
  • GeoFence
  • Frost guard
  • Weather timer
  • Automatic passage handling – PATENTED
  • Systematic Passage Mowing
  • Target height for improved lawn quality
  • Spot cutting
  • Spiral cutting
  • Profiles
  • Electric height adjustment – PATENTED
  • Easy cleaning

Husqvarna R  316TsX AWD Rider

A high-performance ride-on lawn mower built for the toughest jobs. Husqvarna R 316TsX AWD is superb for all-year use, with a great variety of accessories and combi cutting decks available. Power-assisted articulated steering and All-Wheel-Drive provide great control and traction in challenging terrain. The engine hood covering the V-Twin engine features integrated rails for attaching accessories like cargo holder. LED lights are fitted front and back. Ready for Husqvarna Connect with Bluetooth®

Features include:

  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • HMI Display
  • Attachment frame
  • Optional Combi cutting deck
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Comfortable driver’s position
  • Dual LED lights for improved visibility, both near and remote.
  • Front-mounted cutting deck
  • Unique articulated steering
  • All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)
  • Service position
  • Husqvarna Connect

Husqvarna 440 II Chainsaw

Second generation lightweight and efficient all-round saw, ideal for those looking for a chainsaw that is exceptionally easy to start and manoeuvre. Starts easily also with a slower pull, comes with flip-up tank caps. Featuring X-Torq® engine for lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels. Equipped with Smart Start®, fuel pump and Auto return stop switch for easier starting.

Features include:

  • Air Injection™
  • Powerful and Efficient X-TORQ® Engine
  • Quick-release air filter
  • Flip-Up Fuel Cap
  • Felling Marks
  • Combined choke/stop control
  • Three-piece crankshaft
  • LowVib®
  • Fuel Indicator
  • Quick Start with Air Purge
  • Inertia chain brake

Husqvarna 120iB Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 120iB battery blower kit is a lightweight and easy-to-use machine for use in small and medium gardens. Convenient, easy starts, fast acceleration, low weight and three modes for flexible operation. The compact design, soft-grip, low weight and perfect balance will allow you to work efficiently while putting less strain on your body. Kit includes battery and charger.

Features include:

  • 3 different modes for best perfomance depending on need or task.
  • Fast acceleration when starting
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Efficient Brushless Motor
  • Interchangeable Battery System
  • Low Noise and Vibrations

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