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Tyres, Balancing and Tracking

Tyre Fitting

We can supply tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers at the best prices with fitting, balancing and valves included in the price.

Car, 4×4, budget – whatever tyres you’re looking for Bromyard Tyres can help. We don’t compromise on quality whilst offering great value on all brands of tyres. All tyres are expertly fitted on our premises by experienced professionals. Whether you’re looking for a specific brand, Summer or Winter tyres, or if you simply want to save money on your usual tyres give us a call today.

Safety First

Tyres are your only point of contact with the road surface. If you neglect the condition of your tyres you are endangering yourself, your passengers and other road users. We recommend that you allow us to check the condition of your tyres at least once a month.

  • An under-inflated tyre could cost the average motorist £300 a year in increased fuel consumption and reduced tyre life, as well as significantly increasing the risk of having a serious accident.
  • Braking distance with 2mm of tread is around 1.5 times more than with a new tyre.
  • There are on average ten deaths per day on UK roads that could be attributable to the sudden failure of a tyre.

Wheel Alignment

To maintain proper control of your car, you must keep your wheels in proper alignment. Otherwise, steering will become difficult, your tyres will wear unevenly and your fuel consumption will increase. We offer a tracking check with every tyre fitted as recommended by tyre manufacturers using our laser tracking equipment.

Misalignment can cause huge increases in tyre wear and will also increase fuel consumption. Two degrees of misalignment on both front wheels could increase fuel consumption by around 10%.

11% of all premature tyre removals are due to uneven wear caused by wheel misalignment. Wheel alignment should be checked at least once a year and always after hard impact with kerbs, speed bumps or similar obstructions.

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